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Alterse Digital Marketing Agency is a top-tier Google Ads services agency, advocating the best Googe Ads for rapid brand exposure. We excel in crafting customized campaigns that maximize your ad visibility across different search engines, precisely targeting your ideal customers within your budget. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive Google Ads services designed to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results and ROI for your business.

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Research and Strategy

We make our Google Ads services successful by targeting the right audience at the right time, on the right device, and with an appealing ad copy that displays the USP of our business.

Better Conversions

Our Google Ads services management agency team uses Remarketing across the Google Display Network to target visitors who have already visited your site and have shown interest in your products & services.

Professional Insights

Analytics & Data related to Google Ads services are observed regularly by our Google Ads management agency specialists to regularly check the campaigns & add negative keywords whenever necessary.

A/B Testing & Conversion Optimization

Our Google Ads services team will carry out A/B testing of Ad copies and landing pages to find out the best Ads.

Our Team Of Experts Do Their Best


Our team isn’t just another marketing unit. We are a group of specialized experts dedicated to meeting market demands, particularly in Google Ads services. We are the backbone of our own success, driving countless achievements with our expertise. Our market-oriented Google Ads services are the perfect solution for clients seeking instant results and a high return on investment.

Lead Generation

Our Google Ads experts will conduct an extensive analysis to identify the keywords that can give you more inquiries and conversion opportunities.

Better ROI

We have a team of Google Ads services experts to bid on the keywords that are likely to bring higher ROI. Each bid is closely monitored with a focus on the most targeted yet least competitive keywords.

Conversion Tracking

Our team tracks every click, call, conversion, and sale to help you calculate the benefits you are getting through Google Ads services.

Performance Reporting

All your PPC advertisement reports related to Google Ads services will be documented and shared with you regularly to analyze the Click-Through-Rate, traffic, and ROI.

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Case Studies & Results


Fledge Institute of Aviation & Hospitality

Clicks - 116,000
Conversions - 11,100
Total Cost- Rs 1.25 M
Cost Per Conversion - Rs 113

Umangot Solar

Clicks - 1.6K
Conversions - 99
Impressions - 7.19K
Total Cost - 25.5K
Cost Per Conversion - Rs 258

M6 Mobile

Clicks - 13K
Conversions - 2.95K
Impressions - 7.19K
Cost Per Click - €0.25
Cost Per Conversion - €1.12

Gold Trust India

Clicks - 1.29K
Conversions - 54
Impressions - 25.2K
Cost Per Conversion - Rs. 1.74K


Clicks - 5.93K
Conversions - 262
Impressions - 52.8K
Cost Per Conversion - Rs 262

Recycle Pro

Clicks - 3K
Conversions - 30
Impressions - 20.6K
Cost Per Conversion - €75.40